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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some day I will sleep well again!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days folks. It's been a very tiring adjustment period for all of us. Lilybear is doing well, and is getting used to the new boots and bar. She only woke twice last night, which is much better than previous nights. Once was just because she had crawled in her sleep to the top of her crib, and was crying cause I guess she bumped her head. I moved her back to the other side of the crib and she went right back to sleep. The other wake up, she was up for about an hour as usual. Not too bad :)

I on the other hand, was wide awake even after the 1 hour wake up. I fell asleep the past few nights with the Peanut when she goes to bed around 8pm. So when Lilybear wakes up around 2 am, I am wide awake! Oh well, at least I am getting some sleep right?

Lilybear has been trying some sweet new maneuvers in her new boots and bar. She is currently experimenting with crawling up on her knees instead of army crawling, but hasn't really gotten anywhere like that yet. She mostly just rocks back and forth, then drops to her belly and army crawls. Silly little bear! Another task she has been attempting is to pull herself up to standing. She has done it a few times, with no help at all! Little trooper! Hard to believe just a few short weeks ago she had surgery on her left heel! We have discovered that she is able to pull herself up much better on carpet, than on the foam playmats that we have in our living room for her and Peanut to play on. We may need to invest in a carpet floor mat to help her out a bit. And lastly she has been once again. . . attempting to climb the stairs. This task did not end very well for her today! She pulled up on her knees, and then tried to stand up to climb up the steps, but fell over on the floor instead. . . but the tough cookie that she is only cried for about 5 seconds, before she was struggling away from me to try it again! Her motivation? Peanut sat at the top of the steps, playing and taunting her to "come get me 'willybear'" Oh the things sisters will do!

As far as Lilybear's boot progress, She is still slipping in the new boots on both feet. I am hoping it is just because the material is still stretching, and not because the boots are too big! We have been trying out a few different pairs of socks to see if some keep her heels down better than others. So far, her thicker cotton socks seem to be working the best, but that could be just because they are thicker. A tip that I found online last night that I am going to try is to put a bit of moleskin on the heel of the boots to keep her heel down. Once I find her moleskin, I will try this out and let you know if it works!

As for her poor little feet and ankles? They are still very dry and peeling skin, despite putting lotion on every day! Her sore spots on the back of her knees have gone now, but she still has some pretty raw looking skin on the front of her ankles. I put some duoderm on them today after her bath, so I will check back on them in a few days to see how they are healing up.

We have our follow up call from IWK on Friday of this week, so if her heels are still coming back up we may make another trip over so they can check them out. I would hate to have another relapse, and end up in surgery again! That about covers all that we have been through in the past few days. Pictures to come of Lilybear in her new boots...

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  1. We are always given a piece of moleskin or something to wrap over monkeyman's shoes to help keep him from slipping out. Works great!