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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Kickin' them casts too much!

Lilybear has been kicking and crawling up a storm! As a result, see the following video....

Sent an email to our wonderful nurse at IWK, and waiting to hear back on how to strengthen the cast till next Thursday, or what they want us to do. . . oh dear. . .


  1. Couldn't see the video but see a picture. Wow she has done a good job on them! Hope there is a way to strengthen them while you wait for next week

  2. Oh wow! Just watched the video on the computer instead of trying to see it on the phone. That is crazy! Have they got back to you yet?

  3. No, they didn't call me back. I left a message at the nurses desk for them for the morning. I will be calling at 8:30 am again too. I have all our bags packed and ready to go, as it takes 4 hours to get there. If we leave before 9 we can get there just after lunch time. :)