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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sleepless nights

So the past two nights Lilybear has been sleeping food from 7-1am, then it's all down hill from there. She wakes and cries/fusses on and off for hours. Poor angel! It seems like she is trying to get comfortable but cant. Which is very likely with casts on both legs!! If she were a grown up she would be complaining all day for sure!

On a lighter note, Lilybear crawled all the way out to the dining room in her casts this morning! She was all smiles and giggles again too after she came downstairs for the morning! Such a brave little girl I have! Peanut and her have been playing really goo together too, it is so cute to watch them! :)

A huge THANKYOU to DH this morning for getting up with the girls to let me sleep, and making me breakfast and coffee too!!! I love you!!!!!! :)


  1. Hi TippyToes. I just want to begin by saying I hope Lilybear is finished with all these cast, bars and braces soon. She seems like a pretty incredible little girl for all she has gone through.

    I am 27 weeks pregnant, and just found out our little boy has a club foot. I have been looking at pictures online, which I know now I should not be doing. However, it has brought me to your blog. Thank you! Thank you for sharing Lilybear's story. I had no idea what to expect, and this has helped me come to terms with things a little bit. I am still nervous, but at least I'm not completely blind to things.

    Again, thank you! My prayers and thoughts are with your family.

  2. I am glad that this blog was of some help to you! I wish I had found something like this when I was pregnant with Lilybear! I was around 27 weeks when I found out too. Honestly, the no knowing is the worst! I am glad that they told me before having the baby though, because I was prepared for it! :) It is ok to be scared and nervous, but just know that the moment you set eyes on your sweet little boy, you will know what I mean when I say you would do ANYTHING for him. I won't lie to you and say that it is going to be easy, heck, some days feel like hell, but when she looks at me and smiles with her little dimples I know that it is worth every heart ache, and every tear! If you ever need someone to talk to about it, you can email me anytime! I found what was the most helpful to me were the other mom's that I had the chance to talk to that had gone through, or were going through the same as we were. You can send me a message at if you want! Thank you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers! Mine are with you tonight!

  3. That is so neat that you found the blog. I have a little boy who is bilateral as well and it definitely helped me to find others who went through it before. I found out at 19 weeks. It also helped finding someone who was going through it at the same time when I saw Lilybears birth story on a forum and the clubfeet were mentioned. Thank you for putting that in there Tippytoes or I wouldn't have found you to go through the
    Past 8 months with!

  4. I don't know how I would have gotten through the past 8 mths without you ABMOMMA! :)