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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Some day I will sleep well again!

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days folks. It's been a very tiring adjustment period for all of us. Lilybear is doing well, and is getting used to the new boots and bar. She only woke twice last night, which is much better than previous nights. Once was just because she had crawled in her sleep to the top of her crib, and was crying cause I guess she bumped her head. I moved her back to the other side of the crib and she went right back to sleep. The other wake up, she was up for about an hour as usual. Not too bad :)

I on the other hand, was wide awake even after the 1 hour wake up. I fell asleep the past few nights with the Peanut when she goes to bed around 8pm. So when Lilybear wakes up around 2 am, I am wide awake! Oh well, at least I am getting some sleep right?

Lilybear has been trying some sweet new maneuvers in her new boots and bar. She is currently experimenting with crawling up on her knees instead of army crawling, but hasn't really gotten anywhere like that yet. She mostly just rocks back and forth, then drops to her belly and army crawls. Silly little bear! Another task she has been attempting is to pull herself up to standing. She has done it a few times, with no help at all! Little trooper! Hard to believe just a few short weeks ago she had surgery on her left heel! We have discovered that she is able to pull herself up much better on carpet, than on the foam playmats that we have in our living room for her and Peanut to play on. We may need to invest in a carpet floor mat to help her out a bit. And lastly she has been once again. . . attempting to climb the stairs. This task did not end very well for her today! She pulled up on her knees, and then tried to stand up to climb up the steps, but fell over on the floor instead. . . but the tough cookie that she is only cried for about 5 seconds, before she was struggling away from me to try it again! Her motivation? Peanut sat at the top of the steps, playing and taunting her to "come get me 'willybear'" Oh the things sisters will do!

As far as Lilybear's boot progress, She is still slipping in the new boots on both feet. I am hoping it is just because the material is still stretching, and not because the boots are too big! We have been trying out a few different pairs of socks to see if some keep her heels down better than others. So far, her thicker cotton socks seem to be working the best, but that could be just because they are thicker. A tip that I found online last night that I am going to try is to put a bit of moleskin on the heel of the boots to keep her heel down. Once I find her moleskin, I will try this out and let you know if it works!

As for her poor little feet and ankles? They are still very dry and peeling skin, despite putting lotion on every day! Her sore spots on the back of her knees have gone now, but she still has some pretty raw looking skin on the front of her ankles. I put some duoderm on them today after her bath, so I will check back on them in a few days to see how they are healing up.

We have our follow up call from IWK on Friday of this week, so if her heels are still coming back up we may make another trip over so they can check them out. I would hate to have another relapse, and end up in surgery again! That about covers all that we have been through in the past few days. Pictures to come of Lilybear in her new boots...

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another restless night.

Lilybear was up 7 or 8 times last night.....we are both very sleepy today! We will be spending some time today trying to get Lilybear standing up more! Updates later tonight!

Friday, 24 February 2012

The new brace!

Forgot to take pictures of her little chubby feet for the blog with everything that has happened in the past two days. I will for sure get some posted tomorrow! In the meantime, Here is the new brace:

What a day! But the casts are off!

So we went to the IWK for Lily's appointment yesterday. After 1.5 hours of waiting we got the cats OFF! YAY! our poor baby girl was all blistered and dry skinned though from having the same casts on for three weeks, but that was expected. We got to give her a bath, and she got so excited in the baby bath that she soaked 1/4 of the casting room! It was so great to have her in a bath again!!

After her bath, it was time to try on her new boots…only to find out that they didn't fit her!! It took them about an hour and a half to figure out what to do. They found a used set of the same style of boots and bar we were in before. We were to put those on until Tuesday. That was the soonest they could order hers in again.

So we put the boots and bar on my Lilybear as she screamed her head off. Got her in the carseat and calmed down, and left for home. We made it six blocks, and got a call from the hospital. The guy that ordered in the wrong boots had found a pair that should fit her in storage, and they wanted to know if we would cone back. It would save making a trip again, and we were only 6 blocks away?!? Heck yeah we'll come

Peanut was settled in the car, and DH and her staid in the car while I took Lilybear back in. She had fallen asleep so we had to wake her up, and change her to the new boots :( she screamed again the whole time. Got her back into the car, and we were off again. By this time it was past supper time, but we drove till we hit Truro and stopped for supper. Both girls had fallen asleep, so we had to wake them for supper so they wouldn't wake in the middle of nowhere wanting to eat.

After supper we headed out in the rain again. Lilybear lost it in the back seat causing us to pull over and stop on the highway multiple times trying to calm her down. I ended up squished in the back seat of our little car with the two car-seats!

The rest of the way home wasn't too bad. . . until it started to snow, and we got stuck behind a snow plow going 45 KM/hr. I am not sorry we got stuck behind him really, just that he had to drive 45 KM/hr and we just wanted to get home already! The roads  on PEI were horrible when we finally made it that far. There were a few hills, after we left the high way, that had not been plowed at all yet, and we almost didn't make it up! We finally got home, unpacked the car, and the kids. We put the girls to bed in their clothes, and went straight to bed ourselves.

Lily woke about every hour or so through the night. She did this with her first set of boots too. I think cause she kicked so much in her sleep, and now both feet move when she only means to move one. She was really fussy all day, but that could really be due to teething or a mental leap, and not all just cause of the boots. I don't think it is the boots so much as she is crawling around again already, and experimenting with getting up onto her knees now that she isn't in the casts any more.

We took Peanut to swimming lessons today, and Lilybear slept in the car seat on the when there, but cried and fussed almost the whole way home. While we were at swimming lessons, Peanut did fantastic though! Lilybear loves to watch her big sis in action, and Peanut seemed to do everything her instructor asked of her. We get her report card next week :).

Lilybear was exhausted today, but only took one hour long nap, and had to sleep on me to fall asleep. She was really tired by the time bedtime rolled around, and fell asleep in my arms. I put her in bed and she woke about 5 times in under 2 hours. The last time I put her back in, I put her on her tummy. She seems to be sleeping better that way. She's been asleep with only one wake up for the last 3 hours.

I am going to bed now, as I will most likely be up many more times tonight. More about Lilybear and her new brace tomorrow!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Eve of cast removal!

So we are currently at RMH in Halifax! Lilybear has her appointment at the IWK tomorrow afternoon. We are having these silly, stinky casts taken off, and putting her into her new brace. I am feeling a ton of mixed emotions thinking about tomorrow. I can't wait to get rid of these casts though!

I feel a little anxious to see what her feet look like after the second surgery on her left foot. I am wondering where she kicked the stuffing out of the heels of the casts if her feet will be the way they are supposed to be. The nurse from IWK assured me that so long as her toes don't move, her heel didn't, but I am sorry to say I am still worried. . . Lilybear has been getting very fussy as of late. I think she is ready to be done of the casts too. Poor little girl. :(

We are getting her new brace on tomorrow, and I am happy to be moving forward again. I am also  nervous about the new brace as I'm not sure if it will be easier or harder to put on. I am not sure if Lilybear will be comfortable in it. I am worried about how much money the brace is, as we don't know yet if our insurance will cover it or not.

All this being said, I have faith enough to know that the Nurses, and our Dr at IWK know what they are doing, and I trust them to look after my girl :) Will post some pictures tomorrow after we get home from Halifax of Lilybears feet, and her new brace :)

What I'm looking forward to most. . . . is giving my baby girl a bath again!!!!! woo! No more stinky feet!

Good night all! Updates tomorrow evening!

Monday, 20 February 2012

There is NOTHING my baby cannot do!

For all you parents out there or soon to be parents of a club foot baby, you should definitely read this post!

Lilybear has been crawling over to the bottom step if our staircase for some time now. A few days ago she started slapping her hand on the bottom most step, and saying "up, up." I will add here that this is her first real word, an she is only 8 months old! I was very proud to say the least!

Today she crawled over to the bottom step, and smacked it, saying up up, and I didn't think anything of it....until Peanut yelled to me in the kitchen "MOMMY!!! LILYBEAR IS GOING TO GO UPSTAIRS!!!!" Sure enough, when I went back into the living room, Lilybear was trying to climb into the bottom step!!! She was hoisting herself off the floor with her hands on the bottom step.....and she did this all in double leg casts!!!!! So proud of my Lilybear!

I washable to snap a picture of her attempts, which I will upload as soon as I am at the computer next!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

5 more sleeps!

I am starting to get sick of these casts! Lilybear is so heavy in them, and carrying her around is seriously killing my back! Not only do they make her like 4 lbs heavier, but the angle her legs and feet are in is not a normal carrying position for a baby! and bar will be a welcome sight! The duct tape is holding the casts up really well!! Fingers crossed they last till Thursday!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Duct tape to the rescue!

So we heard from the IWK this morning as we were leaving to go to the IWK! We had tried calling multiple times, but no one was answering. So we were going to start heading over while we waited for them to call. We never even got off our street and they called us with a solution that didn't involve a extra trip to Halifax! The solution. . . . was Duct tape to hold the casts together! LOL! If we notice her toes move back in the casts at all, they said it means her heels have moved back, and then we would need to get new casts. Here are the latest fashion boots to hit Canada. . . . Lady GaGa eat your heart out! haha!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Helpful information, and links for Parents of Clubfoot Children

I made the mistake of 'googling' clubfoot when I first found out Lilybear might have bilateral club foot! Save yourself the horror stories, and focus on sites like the following:
Great forum for support, and stories. Based out of the UK, but still lots of great stuff on there!
Lots of great information on the best method of treatment for your little one!

Blogs like mine would have been helpful to me when I first found out, but I didn't find any. I really hope that this blog will help out parents that just found out, or are dealing with a child with clubfoot!

Hi Ho Hi HO. . . .

So I sent and email off to the IWK today, and didn't hear back. Tried calling the Ortho clinic number, but they were gone home for the day. I left a message as we think that we need to get Lily's casts re-casted as there is little to nothing holding her ankle in place now, and the last thing I want is to go through surgery again! They are open again at 8:30 am, and I will be calling back then to see if they can fit us in tomorrow, and then we'll be off to Halifax for the day at least.

Lilybears new boots and bar may be in tomorrow or the next day, so maybe they will just have us put her in that instead of the casts again. Who knows! I will be sure to keep you all posted, but I have a very strong feeling that we will be off to the IWK tomorrow to have the casts re done. Wouldn't be this big of an issue if they would just let them train the Ortho drs' on PEI how to do the Ponseti method!!! Foolish PEI health care making life more difficult for PEI residents as usual!

Updates in the AM! Cheers!

Kickin' them casts too much!

Lilybear has been kicking and crawling up a storm! As a result, see the following video....

Sent an email to our wonderful nurse at IWK, and waiting to hear back on how to strengthen the cast till next Thursday, or what they want us to do. . . oh dear. . .

Happy Valentine's Day! Love Lilybear and the Peanut!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Naptime troubles

Some days I wish that Lilybear would go to sleep for naps on her own. Other days I do enjoy the snuggles.

When she gets tired at night she will go to sleep no problem most nights. If she gets tired during the day, she will kick, and cry, and fight going to sleep. If I give her cuddles she doesn't fuss a ton, and goes to sleep. The issue with cuddling her to sleep is that Peanut also needs help with things, like going to the bath room, snacks, and a mommy to play with! But as soon as I put Lilybear down she wakes up cranky. If I cuddle her, the longest she usually sleeps for a nap is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. She has two of these naps a day, sometimes three. I just think she would be so much happier if she would nap good during the day! And when I do cuddle her, five minutes after she falls asleep, Peanut calls from the bathroom "mommy, I need to pee!" oh dear, then Lilybear wakes as soon as I set her down. . . Makes for some very long days for all of us!

I think tomorrow I will try and put her in her crib for a nap to see how she does. . .Last time I tried that I ended up taking her back downstairs after she worked herself up into a fit of crying so hard she almost threw up. .. ugh. .  wish me luck

The countdown is on again. . .

Back into boots and bar brace in T - 11 sleeps. . .

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More Tips for Parents of Clubfoot kids!

So I thought of a few things that will be helpful to know before embarking on the adventure of having a clubfoot kid :)

I'll break it down into sections:

Cast Care: Babylegs, or leg warmers for protecting casts from diaper leaks! 
Slippers: For days when it was cold out, we put slippers over the end of her casts where her toes were sticking out to keep them warm :)
Babywearing: We used a Moby wrap. It supported the casts so that it wasn't putting pressure on her hip joints.
Clothes: For during the day, we wore a lot of dresses on her (with matching babylegs of course!) During the summer she wore a lot of onesies with babylegs. For colder weather she wore the same except with hoodies and sweaters as well. For night time She wore long sleeve onesies, babylegs, and a sleepsack. The sleep sacks needed to be a few sizes bigger as she needed room to have the casts in there too :) When she was in the boots and bar, we still wore a lot of dresses, stretch pants, footless tights! And for the most part normal baby clothes. We staid away from jeans for the most part and pants that were not stretchy. The reason for this is that though they would fit her while she was wearing boots and bar, we quickly discovered the difficulty of changing a diaper without taking off the boots and bar.
Equipment: Make sure that it doesn't have a cross bar for high chair, strollers, swings etc. It is very hard to get the casts out when you have to work around a crossbar as the feet are at an angle that gets stuck! These things will be important too for Boots and Bar wear as you won't have to worry about taking off the boots or bar to get them in and out of the same equipment. We had a Graco stroller that the tray lifted up on the front so it didn't get in the way. Our High chair was a safety first space saver that had a bump for in between the legs to keep Lilybear from sliding forward, and a tray that detached. For a swing, we had one that the tray folded down. During the boots and bar stage we left the tray down and Lilybear would balance her bar on the folded down tray so that it didn't have the extra weight pulling down on her feet.
Winter: We couldn't wear a snow suit on Lilybear for the most part in the winter as she was in her boots and bar. When she was in her bucket seat for the car we had a bunting bag for the carseat that was very warm. Most days we just needed a sweater, or a light jacket on her when she was in the carseat.
SOCKS: Make sure that the socks are long enough to go up past the top of the boots and bar and fold over the top. This will help keep the laces (if you have laces) tied and so that your little one can't untie them on you. Also it will keep the socks from sliding down on you. Other things to keep in mind when stocking up on your socks is to have lots! Changing socks is important to keep the feet dry and not sweaty! We changed Lilybear's socks every time we took her boots off. Also a good tip is to wear the socks inside out, and make sure that the seam is not pushing on the toes. I made the mistake of not making sure the seam was not rubbing on Lilybears toes once, and she got HUGE blisters! Also make sure that there are no grippies on the bottom of the socks. They cause blisters too.
BLISTERS: If you do end up getting some blisters on their poor little feet, Duo-Derm. It is a plastic sticky bandage that will cover and protect the blister. You can get it at Lawtons if there is a home care section, or ask your Dr. where you can get some!

That's all I can think of for now, but I will update the list as I'm sure there are somethings that I missed :) Hope it helps you prepare for your journey!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tips for Parents with Clubfoot Children!

A dear friend of mine has started a post on her blog that I thought I would share on mine! For new parents that are having, or have a child with clubfoot here are some helpful tips! I will add some of my own as I think of them to my blog here as well!

Tip for Girls! DRESSES! LOTS OF DRESSES! :) works great with babylegs/leg warmers and works best for casts and boots and bar time, so stock up! We also found some fabulous footless tights at Walmart for eight dollars each! They were great for boots and bar time!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lilybear on the move

Here is a video of our Little Lilybear on the tear today. . . man, she can move fast for double leg casts! :) so PROUD of my baby girl! Loving the wiggle crawl!

Oh Baby Legs. . .

So we have a stash of BabyLegs, and other branded Leg warmers for Lilybear. We use them to cover up her casts to protect them from getting spit up, food, pee, poop, etc. . etc.. on the casts.It also keep her from getting plaster paris all over the floor, and furniture! They are also pretty stylish! :) They worked well in her boots and bar as we couldn't really wear tights on her for dresses and skirts. Well, we've discovered a new issue. . . holes! haha, she is such a crawling machine now with her little wiggle crawl that she is wearing holes into her babylegs!! Good thing we have a ton, but if she keeps this up I'll have to invest in some n
ew ones, or at least in some patches! :) Here is a photo of her cute purple babylegs that need mending!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sleepless nights

So the past two nights Lilybear has been sleeping food from 7-1am, then it's all down hill from there. She wakes and cries/fusses on and off for hours. Poor angel! It seems like she is trying to get comfortable but cant. Which is very likely with casts on both legs!! If she were a grown up she would be complaining all day for sure!

On a lighter note, Lilybear crawled all the way out to the dining room in her casts this morning! She was all smiles and giggles again too after she came downstairs for the morning! Such a brave little girl I have! Peanut and her have been playing really goo together too, it is so cute to watch them! :)

A huge THANKYOU to DH this morning for getting up with the girls to let me sleep, and making me breakfast and coffee too!!! I love you!!!!!! :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Pictures from over the past few days in Halifax for Lily's Surgery:
Giant Teddy's to add to the collection from RMH. Donated to RMH by the Halifax Mooseheads and their fans :)

Lilybear Chilling out in her bunny slippers. Last taste of freedom before surgery and casts again.

Crawling around the bed at IWK in Pre-Op. Didn't fuss at all for not being able to eat since 8 am! (this was at 11:30ish)

 Post Op - In recovery. Surgery went perfect, and she is snuggled with the Bear we got for her.

Back at RMH in casts again :( this was right before I tried to take her out of the high chair and she got stuck. . . I do not miss that about the casts at all!

Mommy Cuddles :)

All smiles and giggles :) . . . Just clipped my Achilles tendon, stretched it and stuck her back in casts. . . NBD! That's my girl! :)

Good night folks :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Pre-op, Post-op, and a wonderful evening at RMH!

Here is a rundown of our VERY LONG DAY! :)

Lilybear and I were up fairly early this morning, as were DH, and the Peanut. We were the first to rise at RMH as usual. At about 9:30am we got the girls ready and headed out the door to IWK for Lilybear's surgery. She was in good spirits and so were the rest of us. When we arrived at the hospital, we were expecting to wait a long time as we had to last time (not due to lack of work on the staff, there was an emergency call that needed the OR! We were very ok with waiting for that reason!) We were pleasantly surprised that we were taken into Pre-Op almost as soon as we walked onto the day surgery unit! With in minutes the Nurse was there to update all of Lilybear's info in the computer system, and we were signing release forms, and questionnaires! Only a few more minutes passed and we were speaking with the anesthesiologist, and then a short time later Dr. Logan came in to make sure we didn't have any further questions for him, and gave us a run down of the procedure again. We were in Pre-op for about 1.5 hours (much shorter than our last visit) and the nurse was there to carry my Lilybear off. For a few seconds I thought Lilybear was going to cry as she was being carried away from me towards the OR. . . I don't think I would have been able to keep it together for Peanut if she had. . . Lucky for us, the nurse walked pretty fast, and as far as I know Lilybear didn't cry! DH, Peanut, and I left the Pre-op area, and took Eva downstairs for lunch.

After lunch we went back to the waiting room, and waited for Dr. Logan to come and tell us how everything went. Finally he came, and told us that everything went "lovely" and "perfect". *sigh of relief* Now we just had to wait for the phone to ring from recovery to tell us that Lilybear was awake! We got our call, and off we went to find Lilybear. She was crying a bit when we got there, and was very hoarse sounding due to the breathing tube they put in while she was in OR (just put in on the odd chance that she reacted to the meds, or anything went wrong. It saves them time, which can save lives, so we gave permission for them to do it.) I took her up in my arms, and just like the last time, it was like my heart burst, and started beating again with out me even realizing it had stopped! I got to cuddle her, and feed her, and then snuggle with her while she slept some more. DH and Peanut went for a walk, and after about an hour or so Lilybear woke up, and sat right up. She was all smiles, and snuggles like my Lilybear usually is after a nice long sleep. Her and Peanut shared some cheerios, and they let us know that we could take her home shortly after 2pm as she was doing great for just having surgery. The nurses were all in and out of our room talking about how cute the girls were, and all amazed at how well Lilybear was doing, and how she wasn't even crying. She was a trooper, just sitting there eating cheerios, and watching cartoons with Peanut, and occasionally picking at the IV in her hand. Finally the Nurse came in with our discharge papers, and took out Lilybears IV. Peanut got to help with the band-aid, and was having a great time eating Popsicles while she waited! :)

We loaded the girls up in the truck, and headed back to RMH for the night. The staff here were amazing with the girls as always. One of the guys that works here a lot when we are here played with Peanut a TON and had her laughing her butt off! She got hurt at one point and he even picked her up and gave her a hug! So nice! The staff were all ooing and awing over how cute Lilybear was, and one of them helped me out when she got stuck in the high chair. . . . stupid casts! grr. . . We put Lilybear ont he floor in the playroom to see if she wanted to play. With in 5 minutes, she was rolling around and crawling too . . . didn't take her long to figure out those casts and she was OFF! So proud of my little Lilybear! She is truly my super hero! Took a little longer than usual to get her to sleep tonight, but she was all smiles, giggles, and cuddles. Right now she is fast asleep in bed, and you would never know the day she had!

So that was our very long day. So glad this step is over. Countdown will be on soon as we get our letter from Dr. Logan's office for Lilybear's date for switching back to boots and bar. Should be around the last week in February.

My final note tonight is in Thanks to the wonderful medical Staff at the IWK in Halifax for taking such wonderful care of my Lilybear, and spoiling my Peanut with coloring sheets, and popcicles to make her day a little easier too! A note of thanks to RMH for another wonderful stay, fabulous food for supper, and spoiling the girls with their new teddys, and for playing with them as well! You all rock, and make this whole situation so much easier on our lovely little family. From the very bottom of my heart I thank you, and pray you are blessed in your lives for being so wonderful to families that need your support in difficult times!

Pictures will be posted tomorrow as I don't have the right cable to upload them right now from my phone!

Night all, and thank you for your love, positive thoughts, and prayers through out the day today!

Today is the day . . .

Today is the day. . . my stomach is in knots. . . 3 hours till we leave for the hospital. . . 4.5 hours till Lilybears surgery is supposed to start.

Lilybear is doing alright so far. She is only allowed clear liquids from midnight till 8am, and has had some water, sugar water, and diluted Apple Juice so far :) The Apple Juice was a biiiig hit! haha. This will be my last post before we take Lilybear to the hospital. I will be online as soon as I can to post an update, but that will all depend on if she is kept over night or not. Our last surgery, they let us take her back to the Ronald McDonald House with us, So I am hopeful for the same again, but we are prepared to stay the night if we must.

All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome! Wish us luck!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Night before surgery. . .

Back at the Ronald McDonald house for another stay. Lilybear, Peanut, and DH are all settled in for the night, and fast asleep. The kindness of the staff here never ceases to amaze me. The girls received Two more Teddy's from RMH. . . these ones are a fair bit larger though! Photo will be posted shortly! Peanut found a HUUUUGE Unicorn that looks quite a bit like the one from the movie Despicable Me . . . Needless to say we have been saying "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!" a lot tonight :).

Yet another memorable moment shared tonight with the staff and volunteers or RMH. After we got back from supper tonight, Lilybear put on a little show for them, crawling around the kitchen :) They were all cheering her on, and talking about how amazing it was that she can crawl in her brace! :) What really touched me, was the number of volunteers that remembered Lilybear, Peanut, and us from our previous stays when we haven't seen them in months. They were commenting on how much the girls have grown, and asking how long we'd be staying, and when we'd be back and so on! It is amazing to see how much people care here, and they aren't even getting paid to do so!  

We have met a few more families that are staying at the house, and as always, I am blown away by the strength of the Little ones here. Like Lilybear, they are all little super heroes, and so brave and fearless! I am so glad that out of this whole situation, I can still be inspired by people so much younger than me! Just goes to show you that everything happens for a reason, and that reason I think for us was to meet the people that we meet when we stay here. I am always reminded when we come here that no matter how down I feel about Lilybear having to go through what she is going through, I always seem to meet some one that is going through worse, and it really makes me count my blessings. I have said it before to those who know me, and I will say it again and again! I will take Lilybears crooked feet, and the struggles that goes with it, then some of the things the little one's here are going through ANYDAY! Love my girls, and Love my hubby, and I wouldn't change them for the world!

Now it is time to log off, and try and get some sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a very long day! Wish us luck, and please keep my little Lilybear in your thoughts and prayers! IWK at 10:30am, and surgery booked for noon!


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Two more sleeps. . .

So we leave for Halifax tomorrow morning, and Lilybear will have her surgery on Friday at noon. Had Lilybear over to a good friends with Peanut too, for a play date today. Lilybear got to show off her smooth army crawling moves, and we all had a fantastic time. Lilybear has also perfected a new move, I like to call it baby pushups! Haha, she balances herself on her toes, and then pushes herself up so her butt is stuck up in the air. Looks very similar to a yoga move called Downward dog! hehe, I will try and get a photo of it, but each time I try to get one she falls down.

I am off to bed. I need my sleep for the long drive in the morning! Here's hoping the roads are nice and clear by then, and there is not too much drifting snow! Ugh, why did we have to get a snow storm???????????

Night All!