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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Naptime troubles

Some days I wish that Lilybear would go to sleep for naps on her own. Other days I do enjoy the snuggles.

When she gets tired at night she will go to sleep no problem most nights. If she gets tired during the day, she will kick, and cry, and fight going to sleep. If I give her cuddles she doesn't fuss a ton, and goes to sleep. The issue with cuddling her to sleep is that Peanut also needs help with things, like going to the bath room, snacks, and a mommy to play with! But as soon as I put Lilybear down she wakes up cranky. If I cuddle her, the longest she usually sleeps for a nap is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. She has two of these naps a day, sometimes three. I just think she would be so much happier if she would nap good during the day! And when I do cuddle her, five minutes after she falls asleep, Peanut calls from the bathroom "mommy, I need to pee!" oh dear, then Lilybear wakes as soon as I set her down. . . Makes for some very long days for all of us!

I think tomorrow I will try and put her in her crib for a nap to see how she does. . .Last time I tried that I ended up taking her back downstairs after she worked herself up into a fit of crying so hard she almost threw up. .. ugh. .  wish me luck

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  1. Good luck! We only started last month and it was going good (putting him down asleep) but now trying to do it awake. It would be hard with an older kid too that's for sure. Hope it goes well for you tomorrow!