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Friday, 3 February 2012

Pre-op, Post-op, and a wonderful evening at RMH!

Here is a rundown of our VERY LONG DAY! :)

Lilybear and I were up fairly early this morning, as were DH, and the Peanut. We were the first to rise at RMH as usual. At about 9:30am we got the girls ready and headed out the door to IWK for Lilybear's surgery. She was in good spirits and so were the rest of us. When we arrived at the hospital, we were expecting to wait a long time as we had to last time (not due to lack of work on the staff, there was an emergency call that needed the OR! We were very ok with waiting for that reason!) We were pleasantly surprised that we were taken into Pre-Op almost as soon as we walked onto the day surgery unit! With in minutes the Nurse was there to update all of Lilybear's info in the computer system, and we were signing release forms, and questionnaires! Only a few more minutes passed and we were speaking with the anesthesiologist, and then a short time later Dr. Logan came in to make sure we didn't have any further questions for him, and gave us a run down of the procedure again. We were in Pre-op for about 1.5 hours (much shorter than our last visit) and the nurse was there to carry my Lilybear off. For a few seconds I thought Lilybear was going to cry as she was being carried away from me towards the OR. . . I don't think I would have been able to keep it together for Peanut if she had. . . Lucky for us, the nurse walked pretty fast, and as far as I know Lilybear didn't cry! DH, Peanut, and I left the Pre-op area, and took Eva downstairs for lunch.

After lunch we went back to the waiting room, and waited for Dr. Logan to come and tell us how everything went. Finally he came, and told us that everything went "lovely" and "perfect". *sigh of relief* Now we just had to wait for the phone to ring from recovery to tell us that Lilybear was awake! We got our call, and off we went to find Lilybear. She was crying a bit when we got there, and was very hoarse sounding due to the breathing tube they put in while she was in OR (just put in on the odd chance that she reacted to the meds, or anything went wrong. It saves them time, which can save lives, so we gave permission for them to do it.) I took her up in my arms, and just like the last time, it was like my heart burst, and started beating again with out me even realizing it had stopped! I got to cuddle her, and feed her, and then snuggle with her while she slept some more. DH and Peanut went for a walk, and after about an hour or so Lilybear woke up, and sat right up. She was all smiles, and snuggles like my Lilybear usually is after a nice long sleep. Her and Peanut shared some cheerios, and they let us know that we could take her home shortly after 2pm as she was doing great for just having surgery. The nurses were all in and out of our room talking about how cute the girls were, and all amazed at how well Lilybear was doing, and how she wasn't even crying. She was a trooper, just sitting there eating cheerios, and watching cartoons with Peanut, and occasionally picking at the IV in her hand. Finally the Nurse came in with our discharge papers, and took out Lilybears IV. Peanut got to help with the band-aid, and was having a great time eating Popsicles while she waited! :)

We loaded the girls up in the truck, and headed back to RMH for the night. The staff here were amazing with the girls as always. One of the guys that works here a lot when we are here played with Peanut a TON and had her laughing her butt off! She got hurt at one point and he even picked her up and gave her a hug! So nice! The staff were all ooing and awing over how cute Lilybear was, and one of them helped me out when she got stuck in the high chair. . . . stupid casts! grr. . . We put Lilybear ont he floor in the playroom to see if she wanted to play. With in 5 minutes, she was rolling around and crawling too . . . didn't take her long to figure out those casts and she was OFF! So proud of my little Lilybear! She is truly my super hero! Took a little longer than usual to get her to sleep tonight, but she was all smiles, giggles, and cuddles. Right now she is fast asleep in bed, and you would never know the day she had!

So that was our very long day. So glad this step is over. Countdown will be on soon as we get our letter from Dr. Logan's office for Lilybear's date for switching back to boots and bar. Should be around the last week in February.

My final note tonight is in Thanks to the wonderful medical Staff at the IWK in Halifax for taking such wonderful care of my Lilybear, and spoiling my Peanut with coloring sheets, and popcicles to make her day a little easier too! A note of thanks to RMH for another wonderful stay, fabulous food for supper, and spoiling the girls with their new teddys, and for playing with them as well! You all rock, and make this whole situation so much easier on our lovely little family. From the very bottom of my heart I thank you, and pray you are blessed in your lives for being so wonderful to families that need your support in difficult times!

Pictures will be posted tomorrow as I don't have the right cable to upload them right now from my phone!

Night all, and thank you for your love, positive thoughts, and prayers through out the day today!

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  1. She is such a trooper! Nothing will slow that girl down she has determination!