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Monday, 20 February 2012

There is NOTHING my baby cannot do!

For all you parents out there or soon to be parents of a club foot baby, you should definitely read this post!

Lilybear has been crawling over to the bottom step if our staircase for some time now. A few days ago she started slapping her hand on the bottom most step, and saying "up, up." I will add here that this is her first real word, an she is only 8 months old! I was very proud to say the least!

Today she crawled over to the bottom step, and smacked it, saying up up, and I didn't think anything of it....until Peanut yelled to me in the kitchen "MOMMY!!! LILYBEAR IS GOING TO GO UPSTAIRS!!!!" Sure enough, when I went back into the living room, Lilybear was trying to climb into the bottom step!!! She was hoisting herself off the floor with her hands on the bottom step.....and she did this all in double leg casts!!!!! So proud of my Lilybear!

I washable to snap a picture of her attempts, which I will upload as soon as I am at the computer next!

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