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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oh Baby Legs. . .

So we have a stash of BabyLegs, and other branded Leg warmers for Lilybear. We use them to cover up her casts to protect them from getting spit up, food, pee, poop, etc. . etc.. on the casts.It also keep her from getting plaster paris all over the floor, and furniture! They are also pretty stylish! :) They worked well in her boots and bar as we couldn't really wear tights on her for dresses and skirts. Well, we've discovered a new issue. . . holes! haha, she is such a crawling machine now with her little wiggle crawl that she is wearing holes into her babylegs!! Good thing we have a ton, but if she keeps this up I'll have to invest in some n
ew ones, or at least in some patches! :) Here is a photo of her cute purple babylegs that need mending!

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