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Friday, 24 February 2012

What a day! But the casts are off!

So we went to the IWK for Lily's appointment yesterday. After 1.5 hours of waiting we got the cats OFF! YAY! our poor baby girl was all blistered and dry skinned though from having the same casts on for three weeks, but that was expected. We got to give her a bath, and she got so excited in the baby bath that she soaked 1/4 of the casting room! It was so great to have her in a bath again!!

After her bath, it was time to try on her new boots…only to find out that they didn't fit her!! It took them about an hour and a half to figure out what to do. They found a used set of the same style of boots and bar we were in before. We were to put those on until Tuesday. That was the soonest they could order hers in again.

So we put the boots and bar on my Lilybear as she screamed her head off. Got her in the carseat and calmed down, and left for home. We made it six blocks, and got a call from the hospital. The guy that ordered in the wrong boots had found a pair that should fit her in storage, and they wanted to know if we would cone back. It would save making a trip again, and we were only 6 blocks away?!? Heck yeah we'll come

Peanut was settled in the car, and DH and her staid in the car while I took Lilybear back in. She had fallen asleep so we had to wake her up, and change her to the new boots :( she screamed again the whole time. Got her back into the car, and we were off again. By this time it was past supper time, but we drove till we hit Truro and stopped for supper. Both girls had fallen asleep, so we had to wake them for supper so they wouldn't wake in the middle of nowhere wanting to eat.

After supper we headed out in the rain again. Lilybear lost it in the back seat causing us to pull over and stop on the highway multiple times trying to calm her down. I ended up squished in the back seat of our little car with the two car-seats!

The rest of the way home wasn't too bad. . . until it started to snow, and we got stuck behind a snow plow going 45 KM/hr. I am not sorry we got stuck behind him really, just that he had to drive 45 KM/hr and we just wanted to get home already! The roads  on PEI were horrible when we finally made it that far. There were a few hills, after we left the high way, that had not been plowed at all yet, and we almost didn't make it up! We finally got home, unpacked the car, and the kids. We put the girls to bed in their clothes, and went straight to bed ourselves.

Lily woke about every hour or so through the night. She did this with her first set of boots too. I think cause she kicked so much in her sleep, and now both feet move when she only means to move one. She was really fussy all day, but that could really be due to teething or a mental leap, and not all just cause of the boots. I don't think it is the boots so much as she is crawling around again already, and experimenting with getting up onto her knees now that she isn't in the casts any more.

We took Peanut to swimming lessons today, and Lilybear slept in the car seat on the when there, but cried and fussed almost the whole way home. While we were at swimming lessons, Peanut did fantastic though! Lilybear loves to watch her big sis in action, and Peanut seemed to do everything her instructor asked of her. We get her report card next week :).

Lilybear was exhausted today, but only took one hour long nap, and had to sleep on me to fall asleep. She was really tired by the time bedtime rolled around, and fell asleep in my arms. I put her in bed and she woke about 5 times in under 2 hours. The last time I put her back in, I put her on her tummy. She seems to be sleeping better that way. She's been asleep with only one wake up for the last 3 hours.

I am going to bed now, as I will most likely be up many more times tonight. More about Lilybear and her new brace tomorrow!

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