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Friday, 3 February 2012

Today is the day . . .

Today is the day. . . my stomach is in knots. . . 3 hours till we leave for the hospital. . . 4.5 hours till Lilybears surgery is supposed to start.

Lilybear is doing alright so far. She is only allowed clear liquids from midnight till 8am, and has had some water, sugar water, and diluted Apple Juice so far :) The Apple Juice was a biiiig hit! haha. This will be my last post before we take Lilybear to the hospital. I will be online as soon as I can to post an update, but that will all depend on if she is kept over night or not. Our last surgery, they let us take her back to the Ronald McDonald House with us, So I am hopeful for the same again, but we are prepared to stay the night if we must.

All prayers and positive thoughts are welcome! Wish us luck!

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