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Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Night before surgery. . .

Back at the Ronald McDonald house for another stay. Lilybear, Peanut, and DH are all settled in for the night, and fast asleep. The kindness of the staff here never ceases to amaze me. The girls received Two more Teddy's from RMH. . . these ones are a fair bit larger though! Photo will be posted shortly! Peanut found a HUUUUGE Unicorn that looks quite a bit like the one from the movie Despicable Me . . . Needless to say we have been saying "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!" a lot tonight :).

Yet another memorable moment shared tonight with the staff and volunteers or RMH. After we got back from supper tonight, Lilybear put on a little show for them, crawling around the kitchen :) They were all cheering her on, and talking about how amazing it was that she can crawl in her brace! :) What really touched me, was the number of volunteers that remembered Lilybear, Peanut, and us from our previous stays when we haven't seen them in months. They were commenting on how much the girls have grown, and asking how long we'd be staying, and when we'd be back and so on! It is amazing to see how much people care here, and they aren't even getting paid to do so!  

We have met a few more families that are staying at the house, and as always, I am blown away by the strength of the Little ones here. Like Lilybear, they are all little super heroes, and so brave and fearless! I am so glad that out of this whole situation, I can still be inspired by people so much younger than me! Just goes to show you that everything happens for a reason, and that reason I think for us was to meet the people that we meet when we stay here. I am always reminded when we come here that no matter how down I feel about Lilybear having to go through what she is going through, I always seem to meet some one that is going through worse, and it really makes me count my blessings. I have said it before to those who know me, and I will say it again and again! I will take Lilybears crooked feet, and the struggles that goes with it, then some of the things the little one's here are going through ANYDAY! Love my girls, and Love my hubby, and I wouldn't change them for the world!

Now it is time to log off, and try and get some sleep! Tomorrow is going to be a very long day! Wish us luck, and please keep my little Lilybear in your thoughts and prayers! IWK at 10:30am, and surgery booked for noon!


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