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Friday, 2 March 2012

busy busy busy around here!

Sorry to all my followers for the lack of posting this past week. We have had an eventful past few days to say the least! Lilybear has got some more blisters, poor dear! This time we thought that we would be alright, as we already had the duoderm for them, and some moleskin to take the pressure off the blisters, and to help them heal up quick. . . What we weren't counting on, was the one on her left foot getting infected! Here is picture That I took yesterday when I took off her duo derm.  (warning to those with a weak stomach, they are kinda gross!):

The duo derm pretty much liquified in parts so this was after most of the "goo" was cleaned off. She cried so hard when I was trying to get it off, and clean out the blister! Broke my heart into a million pieces!

I sent an email off to our fabulous Nurse at the IWK to see if they had any tips for clearing it up. She emailed me from home, bless her, and recommended that we take her to our GP for him to check her out for infection as she had some symptoms that it was infected. So we called out GP office first thing this morning, and they told us to bring her right in, and they fit us in. He said that the blister looked to be in a very early stage of infection. So he prescribed an anti-fungal cream for her to use, and advised if it isn't starting to look better, or if it is worse on Monday, we are to take her back in to his office, and he will prescribe her an oral antibiotic to make sure we nip the infection in the bud before it gets bad.So far we have put two treatments on, and will be applying the cream three times a day, and putting some new duo derm on each time. Hopefully it clears up quickly!!

To add insult to injury today, we had our appointment for Lilybear's 6 month needles, and her flu shot! Wasn't bad enough that she was blistered,  infected, and picked at by me and our GP. They did her 6 mth assessments, and gave her a needle in each leg as well! But my little girl is a trooper alright! She was all smiles and giggles with us after a nap!

On a side note, Peanut has had some trouble over the past 9 months having multiple UTI's. She was booked for an ultrasound to check out her bladder, kidneys, and Urinary tract later this month, but they had a cancellation, and we will be going in tomorrow morning! Hopefully they won't find anything! If they do, I may be requesting a referral to the IWK as I have some trust issues with some of the dr's on PEI after what happened to Lilybear! To make her night tonight, DH looked after the Lilybear for us, and Peanut and I went to see The Lorax, in 3D! It was so funny, and Peanut had a great time! She was up a little late trying to unwind after the movie, as she had so much fun eating popcorn, and skittles! :) Love my little Peanut! Can't wait to do it again some time!

On a bright note, Lilybear has been sleeping much better lately. I have been putting her on her side, and propping up her legs a little with her blanket, and she has only woken up once around 3 am for a feed the last 2 or 3 nights now! Hopefully we have found a comfy position for her to sleep in, and she gets some well needed rest. I'm not going to lie. . . I need the sleep too!

I am off to bed now, but rest assured I will keep you all posted as to how Lilybear is doing over the weekend, and where we go from there!