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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy

It has been very busy around our household as of late! Lilybear has decided that it is her mission to pull herself up standing on anything, and everything around the house, both in and out of her brace! Be still my racing heart! I have had enough of being in another room and hearing a "THUD" followed by Lilybears cry and tears. I attempted to follow her around for a while to try and prevent these incidents, but my efforts were futile. Peanut would call out "mommy, I need help" from the bath room, or I would have to go grab the phone, or make supper, or even just turn my back for a minute, and "THUD" insert Lilybear freak out! I don't believe that most of the falls have hurt, as she is fine after about 3 seconds, but the misleading "THUD" is usually caused by her kicking her legs up, and banging her brace onto our hard surface flooring. So as you all can imagine, my heart stops for a minute each time. I brace myself for when she falls and really does get hurt! I am still brain storming a few ideas that will give her a bit more stability in her brace for standing up when she's not on her play mat, but I have yet to come up with an idea that will not alter any function of the boots and bar system. I will not give up though. Who knows, maybe I can patent the idea and help out all the other parents out there with the same issue with their little ones! I best be off, as DH is waiting for the computer, but I will leave you with a list of Lilybear's accomplishments of the day (ie. What she has pulled herself up standing on today)

1. Toybox
2. Couch
3. Love Seat
4. Dining room table
5. Dining room chairs
6. Baby gate in the front hallway
7. Play house window
8. Play house door
9. Stair
10. Piano Bench
11. Playpen
12. Crib
13. Bathroom Drawer
14. Bottom Drawer of her Dresser
15. Leapfrog Learning Table
16. Her Play Piano
17. Living room Chair
18. Car Seat
19. Dishwasher (while the door was open)
20. Eva's Reading Chair

And those are just the ones I can remember. . . sigh. . . I hope she improves her balance soon, or I may have a heart attack!

night all!

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