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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Amazing moments!

Sorry again for the lack of postings! I have been very busy with my two beautiful daughters, and DH! I also hurt my shoulder a few days ago, and haven't been able to go on the computer much! BUT I HAVE AMAZING NEWS!

Lilybear decided to walk today. . . with her boots on! I swear this kid is going to give me a heart attack! I feel my hair turning grey every time she does something like this! She walked half ways across the living room today while holding onto Peanut's little princess chair! Such an amazing moment to witness! Seeing other babies do this in boots and bar online is one thing, but let me tell you, when it's your own little one it is so much different! So scary, and emotional, and proud, and happy all at once! I can't wait to catch her doing this on video to share with you all!

Speaking of sharing videos! DH actually managed to catch Lilybear pulling herself standing on the play house today on his phone! So as soon as he gets home from work I will upload the video to share with you all! She has been hard to catch doing this trick since she learned it! Today, however, she was standing up on EVERYTHING! Pulling up on chairs, the couch, the play house, the stairs, the toy box, and an upside down little tin garbage can that Peanut plays with and sometimes stores toys in. She falls down a lot still, but she's working on it! She must hear me typing about her as she just woke up in her bed!

Video to come later! Thanks for reading!

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