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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ingenious Idea!

The past few days Lilybear has figured out how to go from army crawling on her belly, up into a kneeling position by holding onto something, and then pulling herself up standing! I have yet to catch her in the act on video yet, but I will post it once I have her on video! We had one real issue with her doing this. Our whole house has laminate flooring, or vinyl flooring, and her boots and bars slip like crazy on it! The only place she was able to pull herself up standing on was the foam mats that we have for her and Peanut to play on in our living room.

So I put on my thinking cap, and thought "wouldn't it be great if there was some way to put grips on the boots and bar so that she doesn't fall when she tries to stand on the hard surface floors?" And here's what I came up with. We have a ton of Duo Derm left around the house from Lilybear's blisters (which are healing right up btw! They are all scabbed over, and will hopefully be mostly gone by the end of the week!) So I cut out pieces of Duo Derm and stuck them on the bottom of Lilybear\s boots and bar! She can now pull herself up standing by holding onto things in any room in the house! Fantastic? Well. . . I may live to regret it (haha) but She is so proud of herself, and building up these muscles is important work for when she gets more time out of the bar to prevent relapses! I will post a photo of the bottom of her boots tomorrow. She is sleeping now, and I don't want to wake her to take the picture!

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! Glad it keeps her from slipping and glad the blisters are healing well!