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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Still very sore!

Lilybear's feet look like they are starting to heal up a little bit. I took off the DuoDerm this morning, and it was still very raw looking. DH and I decided that with all the moisture getting trapped under the duoderm it wasn't healing. So we left her boots off for her hour after putting her antibiotic cream on, and it started to scab over. So we put her boots back on with out the duo derm. I checked again tonight when I had to put her cream on again. It was still very sore looking, but at least it is scabbing over now! It was bleeding a little from taking off her sock, so I left her out of her boots for about 10 minutes to make sure the blood wouldn't get on her socks or boots, and then put them back on. Hopefully it will look a lot better in the morning. I am supposed to follow up with our Dr if it doesn't look better by then to put her on an oral antibiotic. Wish us luck!

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