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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A packet in the Mail..

Today we received the information package in the mail about Lilybear's surgery prep and possible overnight stay at the hospital. I read through all the information, but I am feeling anxious about her surgery again. Watching her squirm and crawl her way around the living room today made me a little sad, wondering if she will figure out how to crawl in her casts. I really hope she does, or I will have one frustrated little Lilybear! Tme will tell...

Halifax in 2 sleeps...

IWK in 3 sleeps....


  1. I am sure whe will learn to crawl in the casts- she's such a tropper and there is no slowing her down :) Good luck! Thinking of you

    1. I think she will. She doesn't use her legs a whole lot when she's crawling as she does and army crawl. So time will tell I suppose, and it is only for 3 weeks :) I think we can do this!