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Saturday, 28 January 2012

A date is set

And now we are all caught up. We got the call for Lilybears appointment on January 23rd. Her appointment is set for 12pm on Feb. 3rd. I have been working very hard over the past week to tell myself everyday that this is not my fault, and it is just something that has happened. Another hurdle that my Lilybear will jump over, and keep on running past! We joke that she is going to be an Olympic Snowboarder someday, and she will strap on a snowboard and think it feels so natural to her :).

I am counting down the days until we travel over to the IWK again for Lilybear's surgery. Right now it is five more sleeps to RMH, which Peanut is SOOO excited for! And six more sleeps until Lilybear's surgery. The protocol for her is that she can't have any solids, or formula, or breast milk after midnight on the 3rd. She can have water, sugar water, and apple juice until 8am. After that she can have nothing before the surgery. That should prove to be another long emotion filled day. Hopefully not as bad as the first time, as she can go longer with out food now that she is bigger.

I did a little research to cheer myself up today, and looked into all the famous athletes that were also born with club feet. I do this often so that I know that we are reaching for a goal, and that this goal is obtainable. I thought I would share a few names with you, and you may just be surprised at who is on the list! Here goes:

The figure-skater Kristi Yamaguchi was born with a clubfoot, and went on to win gold medals at both the Olympics and World Championships.
The soccer star Mia Hamm was born with the condition.
Baseball pitcher Larry Sherry, the 1959 World Series MVP, was born with club feet, as was pitcher Jim Mecir, and both enjoyed long and successful careers
The San Francisco Giants held the record as the team with the all-time highest number of players with clubbed feet as of July 2010, and Freddy Sanchez, one of its infielders, cites his ability to overcome the defect as a reason for his success
Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints, born with a right club foot and no toes (this was his kicking foot), kicked an NFL record 63-yard (58 m) field goal. This kick became famous as the longest NFL field goal in history.
Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman beat being born with a clubfoot to enjoy a productive Hall of Fame career.

There are actually many more as well. There are also a ton of famous and successful people around the world that were born with one or two club feet. I try and think of them, and wonder what amazing things Lilybear will do when this is all over with! :) Maybe she really will win an Olympic medal like Kristi Yamaguchi some day :) Well, that's all I have for now, stay tuned for my update on Feb 3rd after Lilybear's surgery! Prayers please that it will go well!

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