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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Life with a Lilybear, and her boots and bar

We are pretty well caught up to present day now! It's been three months since we started wearing the brace. I should tell you some about our lives for the past three months, and then we can go from there.

So Lilybear wears the boots and bar brace for 23 hours a day. We are able to take it off for bath time, and some play and then it's back into the brace for bedtime. Lilybear is a much happier bear now a days, but is so ecstatic every night when we take off the boots that it is heartbreaking in a way, but good. For the first few weeks, she would cry pretty hard every time that we had to put them back on, which was a lot! The reason for so many fits that she threw was that we had to adjust to make sure that her heels were always down in the back of the shoe, or we could lose the correction that we gained from her Tenotomy. There is a hole in the back of the shoes so that you can see if her heel is touching the bottom of the shoes or not. It is also open on the toes so that you can see if her toes are moving back to indicate if her foot has slipped as well. The shoes are made of leather, and leather stretches, so you can imagine the amount of times we had to adjust her boots was a ton!

Eventually she stopped fighting it, as it just became part of our routine. She kicked, foot slipped, Mommy had to fix em! :) She's a trooper, let me tell you.

A few snaps of my Lilybear and her brace :)

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