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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two weeks to go!

Updates on Lilybear? Well let's see, where to start? She has a double ear infection, a throat infection, and to ice the little Lilybear cake, she also has Bronchiolitis! Woo! But it doesn't seem to slow her down at all. She's still all smiles, and into everything. She just needs some meds, fluids, and a lot of rest! She's learning how to climb the stairs with out boots on, but hasn't tried with them on yet (thank goodness)! She is growing so fast! She loves to be outside, and absolutely loved her first time in the swing! I can't wait till the weather warms up a bit so we can take her out more often. She LOVES her big sis, but makes sure to terrorize her every now and then. What kind of a baby sister would she be if she was nice all the time right?

So in two weeks from now, I will be at RMH in Halifax. . . anxiously counting down the hours to Lilybear's appointment! Words can't really seem to express at this time how nervous I am about this appointment. I am so scared that we will receive bad news again. I am not quite sure how I would deal with more bad news, but I suppose I will find a way. I just wish it was over with now, so that I wouldn't have to worry anymore!

Wish us luck! Fingers crossed the next two weeks will fly by!

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