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Friday, 27 April 2012

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

So sorry to anyone that follows this blog for the delay in my posting! We have been very busy around here!

Lilybear got FANTASTIC news on our trip to IWK last week! We went over hoping not to hear more bad news, and hoping for maybe an extra hour or two out of her bars every other day or something. What we got was the BEST NEWS! Dr. Logan advised that Lilybear's feet look fantastic, and where she is standing up and cruising a lot that we shouldn't hold her back anymore, and he said she had the go ahead to switch down to night time and nap time wear for her boots and bar!!! (that is about 12-14 hours a day, instead of the 23 hours a day that she had been wearing them!) We were thrilled!!!

We went out and got her a special gift to mark the day! We got Lilybear her very first pair of REAL SHOES!!!! :) We went all out and got her a cute little pair of Air Jordan High tops :) :) :) They are so cute, and very supportive of her ankles too which have some getting used to not wearing the brace all day!

She has been so happy the past week, and we have been trying to get her out doing things that she hadn't been able to do much with her brace on. It is so nice to be able to slip her in and out of the swing set at the park easily! She can go in and out of high chairs at restaurants with out me worrying that I'll get her stuck. . . . again, and need someone else to help me take her out! Other things that she has done that she didn't get to do last summer in her casts, or so far this spring was just to get down on the grass and roll/crawl around! No more worrying that she will ruin her casts or her brace for a change! :)

I am looking forward to taking her swimming the first chance we get that the hubby is off, and we can take both the girls. I am dreaming of all the little things she won't miss out on this summer too, like going to the beach, rolling around and crawling outside with her big sis, and the biggest thing is just how happy she is with her freedom! With in 2 days of having her boots off more she conquered the staircase in our house! All 16 steps! She is trying to climb and stand up on everything! And is adjusting very well.

I was worried about how upset she would get when it came time to put her boots back on for naps, and bedtime, but she handles it like a champ. Sometimes she cries if I wait too close to nap time to put them on, and she gets too tired, but that isn't new at all! I think I am having a harder time than she is with the adjustments for sure! I keep freaking out thinking that her feet are turning back in, because now that she can move her feet, she moves them in every way she can. Sometimes she will stretch her feet into a position that makes them look like they are regressing. . . but then she straightens them again, and is perfectly fine. I think it will just take some time until I am used to it! As a dear friend who's been through this said " I look at it like he needs to have full movement of them not have them stuck." I would probably want to move my feet non stop in every which way if I was (pardon the pun) in her shoes too!

That's all I have for you tonight, again sorry for the delay in posting! Please check the next post for photos of Lilybears photoshoot from her FIRST PAIR OF REAL SHOES!!!!


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