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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Boots and Bar, Here we come!

So three weeks have past, and it is time. . . We are very hopeful to be done of the casts forever! At this point, if I never see a cast again it will be too soon! We spend another wonderful night with our friends at RMH, Man I really love that place, and we are so grateful to them as well! So we soak off Lilybear's last set of casts. . . wait, I should explain that part. The top half of Lilybear's casts are the fiberglass stuff, and we have to peel that off, and it just unravels. The bottom half is made of plaster of paris. For this we soak Lily in a tub until the plaster starts to let go, so we can unravel the rest of the casts off. It's a process, but better than using a casting saw on a baby! So the casts come off for the 14th, or 15th time. I've really lost count of how many times she has had casts put on. We take our Lilybear, and Peanut to the IWK for our last appointment for 3 months! I can't even believe it, 3 months with out a weekly trip to Halifax?! What on earth are we going to do! HaHa. We have Lilybear fitted for her new Boots and Bar brace, and are taught how to put it on.

Her feet are laced, and strapped into a snazzy pair of shoes with a metal plate on the bottom. There is a screw on the bottom of each shoe. The shoes are then fixed at a 70 degree angle to a bar via some nuts that hold them in place. Here is Lilybear's First Photo in her brace :)

The most exciting part about this day. . . Knowing that when we get home, I can give Lilybear a bath, and if I want to, I can do it the next day, and the next day and the next! I don't have to wait for every Thursday to give her a real bath anymore! Silly I know, but we were both tired of sponge baths! So excited, and looking forward to no more leg cramps, wearing little pants on her, and NO MORE CASTS!!!

Here are a couple of photos of how beautiful her stinky little feet are before we went to get her brace put on :) Thank you Dr Logan, for these beautiful straight feet!

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