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Friday, 2 September 2011

RMH, IWK, and a little bit about casting

We had two trips to IWK this week for cast changes. . . But let me tell you, our experiences have been night and day compared to our hospital in our home province! The people at IWK actually love what they do for starters, and the love kids! Eva was very excited this week as we spent our first night at The Ronald McDonald House Atlantic Canada! Let me tell you, Linda and all of the staff and volunteers there made us feel right at home. We met a few other parents there, and seeing what their children were going through . . . Crooked feet seemed like a walk in the park. That's not saying that it wasn't still hard to see my baby girl getting her new set of casts put on, just that I had a better appreciation for the fact that it could be a whole lot worse!

The other great news that we received this week was that we qualified for Irving's Fuel the Care program. They gave us some gas cards to help us with the cost of traveling to, and from  the IWK. :)

A little about the casting process:

Picture this for me, you have a beautiful little baby . . . Your baby is so happy as she/he is now able to kick their legs freely, and squirm around . . . Now picture having to hold down your beautiful crying baby while a Dr. and a Casting tech wrap plaster cast from the tip of their toes to their diaper line, all while stretching his/her foot into what appears to be an un-natural position. This is not meant to scare those of you that will, or may be going through this with your little ones soon, but I read too much information before having Lilybear that sugar coated the process. The most frustrating thing in what I read looking back now was the constant reminder that "you're not hurting them". . . well golly gee thanks, I know we're not hurting her, but making your baby scream and cry still isn't fun. . . . it's actually quite heartbreaking. Now that I've said that, I will also state that it does get easier as time passes, and with every casting your babe will cry a little less, and fight a little less.

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