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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Phew! Another Apointment over!

Sorry for the delay in posting! Our appointment was this morning, and we are just getting settled back in at home! We had another fantastic stay at RMH. Linda, and all the staff and volunteers really outdid themselves again, as always! They really know how to make you feel at home, even though you are away from home :) They even surprised my husband with a copy of the picture of Ronald McDonald House Atlantic Canada that he drew for a fund raiser in the fall. They had it framed for him, and they all signed the back of it for him too :) so nice! They also showed us when we got there, that they had the original framed and hung in the kitchen by the fridge! :) So great to see his work on their walls again! I am very proud of his work, and it is nice to see that others appreciate it too! This is the picture that he drew for them for the fund raiser, and also another that he drew and donated for them to put up as decor for in the house:

Our appointment went great for the most part today. We got GOOD news! So I was just going crazy for no reason with worry! Such a typical mommy I can be! Dr. Logan said Lilybear's feet look great! We also had some x-rays done of her hips too, as she was turning her foot out for a while when she first started to walk and Dr. Logan wanted to take some just to make sure everything was fine, and it was! Phew! Then Peanut had a melt down as her DS was taken away because she dropped it on the floor three times. Lilybear's fabulous RN Jen saved the day there by hooking Peanut up with some awesome Disney Princess stickers! Thank you Jen! :) Then Lilybear went into total melt down mode when the Active Motion Rep Trevor was trying measure her feet for her new set of boots as she needs to go up a size. He felt so bad, and I felt bad for him. Man my girl can put up a fight when she gets pissed! haha! It totally didn't help that it was past nap time, she missed lunch, and had been up at 3:30 am today! bad combination for trying to hold a toddler still for measurements! We finally got it done with a lot of tears on Lilybears part, and then we were on our way back home again!

Our next appointment will be in 6 months time. Dr. Logan is hopeful to have a clinic here by that time, but they let us know today that if it isn't Dr. Logan coming over that we will have the option of setting up her appointment at the IWK instead! They are so great! :) Always looking out for their patients! I think they might know that we are a little wary of taking Lilybear back to our hospital here after her whole ordeal back when she was first treated. :)

Well this will probably be my last post before Christmas. I'll be sure to post some photo's of Lilybear from Christmas once I get the chance! Merry Christmas to you all, and as always, Thanks for reading! :)

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