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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Heart warming

I have been getting a few posts and emails from others telling me that they are finding this blog helpful when learning what to expect with their own clubfoot journey! This makes me feel so good! I was in the "research to find out what to expect" mode when we found out Lilybear would have clubfoot. My goal when creating this page was first to vent and let out all the emotions that I was going through dealing with the unknown, and the with the ups and downs of Lilybears journey. Then I used the knowledge I gained to hopefully help someone else. To know that this blog has made a difference for even one mother or father out there makes it all worth while!

My words to you all, Thank You!

To the new mama's and Papa's jut starting their own journeys......try and remember that every moment, good and bad, will be worth it the moment you see those perfect little corrected feet, and their first step! I tear up just watching Lily run around with her big Sis sometimes because she makes me so proud, and because of how we got here. I wouldn't change it for the world :)

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