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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sleep, oh precious sleep!

I am happy to report that we have been having much better nights as of late. Lilybear is doing very well for sleeping, mostly, through the night! She does wake up on occasion. I think it is mostly that she finds it hard to get comfortable wearing her boots in her crib. I found some interesting ideas on another blog here that I may try for her soon and see if it helps. They are ideas from other parents of club foot children that recommend skipping the "toddler" bed stage, and getting them into a single/twin sized bed for the extra room. For those of you that do not have a babe wearing boots and bar to bed. . . When they roll over they roll farther due to the brace holding their legs apart, and thus can only really roll once and they are hitting one side of the crib or another.

Another interesting point that they made, was all the damage that can be done to walls when they are kicking the wall night after night with the brace on. I would like to also note that I thought of the noise this would cause too! :) Here is the solution they came up with....and now I can't find their blog. Oh dear! Well, basically what they did was build padded/upholstered side/head boards for the bed so that the boots and bar don't make contact with the wall. I may try something like this out, and build it three sides, and then use a sleep rail for the final side. I will have to wait until Lilybear won't fall over the side rail though! But when we do it, I will be sure to post photos!

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  1. We went right from a crib to a twin bed low to the ground with a side rail when Matthew was about 22 months old. Ryan was too big for the bassinet so poor Matthew got kicked out! lol

    As for the wall, yes, it got kicked and scratched and banged a lot. I tried wrapping the bar with pipe insulation. That helped a bit but not enough. I just decided that holes in the wall were just going to happen and tried not to worry about it. I filled them when we painted a few years ago. I think the crib rails took more damage. :)