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Friday, 12 June 2015

This is it! For now at least!

We got the all clear at Lilybear's appointment today! She does NOT need a tendon surgery at this time, and we get to try her with out her boots and bar brace! She is wearing footie pj's even though it's 20 degrees out...why!? Because she CAN!!! We are so excited! At the same time I feel like I could wake up at any time, that this is all a dream. I don't think it will actually sink in until I tuck her in tonight with out her brace. I feel so many emotions just thinking about it! Happy, sad, relieved, nervous, anxious, and excited! So here we are. Day one of a brand new path of our clubfoot journey! Wish us luck, and prayers that she does not regress (which is possible) but her Dr says unlikely :) Cheers!!

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