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Monday, 23 July 2012

New boots, and A trip to a new City for the girls!

Lilybear has finally outgrown her size 2 boots for her boots and bar! We don't have to go all the way to IWK for a fitting this time, just a shorter trip to Moncton, NB! So we can be there and back in a day instead of staying over night.

Sorry for the lack of posting. Life has been very hectic as any one with young children knows.  Especially with Lilybear walking and climbing EVERYTHING still! haha, we also are enjoying all the sunshine we've been getting by staying out side! Pool, park, and everywhere in between! Our grass is starting to get crunchy for lack of rain, but I would gladly take a few days of rain to spend some cuddle time on the couch with our girls!

I will let you all know how her fitting goes. We go on Friday! Woo! Size 3 here we come! 

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