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Sunday, 6 May 2012

From Standing to Climbing!

So Our Little Lilybear is climbing on everything! She climbs on chairs, boxes, toys. . . oh my! Today I found her standing on top of this tumbler toy that she has that is about 2 feet tall. . . . She must've climbed it like a ladder, and I had to help her down. I haven't been able to leave the room with her on the floor in it much lately for fear she will climb something and fall! I have to keep my eyes on her! Peanut wasn't a climber until she was quite a bit older. . . So I'm not used to this!

We got our appointment for our next trip to IWK. June 19th is her next check up. So far so good though, she doesn't seem to be having any issues, and isn't even fussy when it comes time for her boots to go back on. She still has some trouble getting comfortable when she's sleeping, and as a result will wake up sometimes through the night. Usually all I have to do is go in, and untangle her from the blankets and she's fine though :).

I did another photo shoot with the girls the other day, when their Grampy Burt dropped by with some sweet little dresses for them! Here are just a couple of the pictures that we took! It was a lot of fun!

Two Chubby Straight Little Feet! I love these feet!!! :)

More straight feet, with a Micheal Jackson split, and a Beautiful smile too!

Sisters, and best buds!
Lilybear always wants to do just what her big Sis does :)

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